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Tom Waits King Kong lyrics is the 50th song on the album "Orphans" by Tom Waits. The "King Kong" lyrics by Tom Waits are displayed below.
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King Kong by Tom Waits

They shot him down

They shot him down

They thought he was a monster

But he was the King


They came to his island

And they brought her with them

They wanted to get his picture

But they were surprised by his enormous size


And when he saw the woman

He took her without question

Because after all

He was the King


And he loved the woman

He loved the way she looked

And she wouldn't stop screaming


But he loved the woman

And he fought a Tyrannosaurus Rex

And it was a bloody battle

But he fought it for his woman


And he climbed up a mountain

And he looked around

Some kind of forest

With all these dinosaurs


And he stripped his woman

He stripped her bare

But there was a pterodactyl



And then a hero

Came and took his woman

And they fell off the mountain

Into some water

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And then later

He came looking for his woman

But they were waiting

And they threw a bomb


And they tied him

And took him across the ocean

And they chained him

And put him in the show


And when he saw his woman

He broke loose

And everyone fled in terror

And he was looking for her


And he overtook a train

And he was looking in the street

And then he found her in her apartment


And he climbed up the Empire State building

It was like a phallic symbol

And he took his woman

To the top of that towering temple


And he climbed up and looked around

Some kind of city

With all those skyscrapers

And all the cars


Just him and his screaming woman

And they were finally alone

He loved his woman

You could see it in his eyes

His great big eyes


He loved his woman

From the moment that he saw her

He was all choked up inside


But when the airplanes came

He was soon to die

But he hung on long enough to set his woman down

And make sure that she was safe


And as the bullets pierced

He looked at her so sincere

Before he fell

Because he loved his woman


And they shot him down

They thought he was a monster

But he was the King


Who killed the monkey

'Twas beauty that killed the beast


And Willis O'Brien died

A tragic death

There wasn't much

That he had left


And Ray Harryhousen said

That when Willis died

That's when the King was really dead


They shot him down

They shot him down

They thought he was a monster

But he was the King


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