Killer’s Drummer Releases Solo Album, ‘Big Talk’.

With Ronnie Vannucci releasing his first solo record, is this the demise of the popular indie - rock band? Killer’s Drummer Releases Solo Album, ‘Big Talk’.

Ronnie Vannucci, drummer with the indie rock band The Killers, has named and released a new solo album called Big Talk. The album is yet to have been given a release date and was mixed by Alan Moulder in London. It is understood according to various music news websites that Vannucci is planning to gig on the strength of it.

The album marks a change of scene for the drummer, as he sings and plays guitar on it. Though admits shredding is still sometime off. "I can't shred yet. I'm gonna have to work on that." Speaking about the album and touring Vannucci said, "I'm not ready to be getting my hair curled and hitting the big stage. From a practical point of view it makes sense to try it out guerrilla style until we get our shit together."

Tyler Milne and former Weezer bass player Matt Sharp also played on the Vannuccis album lending their skills.

With an album under his belt and a tour in the future, not to mention a departure into new territory for the Killers skin beater, does this signal the end of The Killers? They have not produced any new material for sometime, and subsequently the band has not toured either. No records, no tours, and band members perusing solo projects does normally point in one direction, and for Killers fans, this is not good news.

Release dates, tour dates, and a single should follow from Big Talk in the future. No doubt it will be interesting to see how The Killers drummer shapes up in his new role.

Written on Mar 19 2011 by Richard Teahon , senior writer at KOvideo. Tags: the killers


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