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Yo Gotti Killa lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Live From The Kitchen" by Yo Gotti. The "Killa" lyrics by Yo Gotti are displayed below.
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Killa by Yo Gotti

Hey hey picture me performing in an orpheon

A in the orphenat

What my future home onyl god knows

As while i stay and play it up

And ..


Count on me count on me ..

Tryin upside down

Let em look at the ..

'Cause i did you like bush

.. It's a cooper they dont' drop

Hard ..for i let em damn nigga nigga my hood my fellows

I kill em

F*ck em, i don't feel em

When the beat drop nigga


Hey nigga do get to ..

Play the nigga

Any nigga can make some money

But any nigga can try


Killa for killa west side

White vile ..

Do on one out of ..

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Any five percet fo ten nigga

Any five percent of ..

Not do what i do i try nigga

Hope you drink

Don't confuse it money bags

White .. Bitch i say murder

Have you ever heard and is the word

..the shit ..the label

I aint' on the .. You got no consistency

Tryin to get my know the ..


You slow it down

Open the legs you beat it up

..can't see em

What you sayin i'm own it

..who want it your p**sy don't kill it


comes to bury takin all

Is like an ..

I i i i just like deeper than eye



It gonna for crazy i stay for ..

Kill a shit, i kill a shit

Banana shit

You've been so faking shit

Why you only ..

Them bitches i ain't really ..

Go in time

Or a hater ..killa killa

Can murder one

I'm the only one

..we think to afce no

I know the ..ain't got the wings

Cut off the mike

They drop the base ..

See a brighter day real niggas

..killas we killas ..

Murder murder , kill kill

I'ma keep it real

..take the killer


comes to bury takin all

Is like an ..

I i i i just like deeper than eye

See it .. They all runnin

When they see me coming

Ah ah ah ey ey


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