Kid Cudi Talks Third Album, Anti-Music Industry Stance

In a ‘Billboard’ interview, Kid Cudi talks about his upcoming album and attitude toward the music industry. Kid Cudi Talks Third Album, Anti-Music Industry Stance

On April 23, Kid Cudi’s third album, Indicud, drops. While the chilled out rapper known for incorporating indie rock influences into his sound is essentially doing more of the same in regards to not traditionally promoting his work, fans, he revealed in a Billboard interview, will hear something different. Recent single “Immortal” indicates an upbeat change, with a faster tempo and more positive lyrics, that pervades the entire release. Collaborators, so far, have included RZA, Too Short, Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Rocky.

The move, he mentioned, is away from a state of “distress or depression or isolation” and toward him having greater creative control. Cudi was behind his last two videos and even produced beats for two of the album’s tracks. He explained: “That’s the beauty of this album. The ideas are coming straight from me and me only. It’s exactly what I want to the T. I went out of my way to make ‘Immortal’ sound perfect.”

With some exceptions, such as the interview he gave to Billboard, standard music promotion is off the table. However, his recent videos and songs have been drawing millions of plays on Soundcloud and YouTube. Highly-devoted fans essentially keep him going, but in his no-nonsense approach, which includes practically no radio play and not being present at awards shows, Cudi knows his music isn’t being given a full chance. Nevertheless, he explained, the quality of his music is what is fueling his career. About his anti-industry stance, he said: “I’m not going to stop until I have more people on board. I have a message and it’s really important. I’m not going to stop. I’m totally locking in. My fans know I put my heart on these records. My fans know it’s not no bullsh-t.

Later in the interview, he compounded to his point, stating: “I’m going figure out how to do things my way and my way only. Kind of being a rebel with the whole sh-t is what kind of gives me that edge over everyone else. I’m not on some kiss-a—sh-t. I’m kind of paving my own way.”

Written on Mar 05 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: kid cudi


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