Kelly Clarkson Releases Upcoming Album Stronger’s Track-list

The track list for Kelly Clarkson's fifth studio album Stronger was revealed today.. Kelly Clarkson Releases Upcoming Album Stronger’s Track-list

The official track-list of Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming album “Stronger” have been released. This means that we now know which of her leaked songs have been chosen for a Clarkson-approved legal release. The album’s deluxe version will have 17 songs including the pop/country combo "Don't You Wanna Stay" featuring Jason Aldean. Apart from the 17 main songs, a set of six additional bonus tracks will be packed in the disc.

“Stronger” will hit the US stores next month on October 24. Its highlight will be the single titled “Mr. Know It All,” which opened up at the number 18 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Clarkson is currently making a music video for it and her fans should expect its release by the end of the month.

Still photos from the video shoot have already been released, in which Clarkson is shown standing against a wall that is filled with newspaper clippings. The word “leaks” are highlighted on the wall, so as to remind the viewers that Clarkson had to endure a massive 50+ song leak out a few months ago, while she was on holidays.

She didn’t make a big fuss at that time, but she does want to share her pain through the video. Maybe she didn’t realise the extent of her loss back then but in a recent interview Entertainment Weekly, Clarkson said, “Oh my God, have you ever been robbed? I have. I've been physically robbed a couple of times, but this is much worse. I think what made me mad was that: 1) People stole from me, and 2): Everybody had no idea what my next album was going to sound like. That really caused a lot of confusion.

Here is Stronger’s complete track-list:

  1. "Mr. Know It All"
  2. "Stronger"
  3. "Dark Side"
  4. "Honestly"
  5. "You Love Me"
  6. "Einstein"
  7. "Standing in Front of You"
  8. "I Forgive You"
  9. "Hello"
  10. "The War Is Over

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