Ke$ha Confesses to Using “a Little Bit” of Auto-Tune

Haven’t realized that Ke$ha’s songs aren’t heavily Auto-Tuned at this point? The “Tik Tok” singer comes clean on ‘Conan’ about production techniques used in her music. Ke$ha Confesses to Using “a Little Bit” of Auto-Tune

Breaking news: Ke$ha uses Auto-Tune. Whether you haven’t figured that out or have questioned the intentionally-trashy singer’s vocal abilities over the past two years, Ke$ha admitted to using the vocal alteration software in a parody skit on Conan. During the skit, which purposely distorts the singer’s voice to new depths, Ke$ha states: “Yeah, I use a little bit of auto-tune. Who doesn’t?”

And, she’s probably right. Why do multiple takes of a bar or track when some software can just alter the pitch or sound quality slightly?

Also during the skit, Ke$ha also joked that she has a vocal double for interviews and offered a Ke$ha 4 Kids album. Too bad Kidz Bop already did a cover of “Tik Tok.” Watch the full skit below:

Ke$ha, however, appeared on Conan to start the Coco’s Summer Concert Series and did songs “Blow,” “Animal,” and “We R Who We R.”

In addition to opening Conan’s summer concert series, the singer recently did a set at the Glastonbury Festival and gave concertgoers a surprise by performing a before-schedule show. After Glastonbury, the singer tweeted: "Today was epic!!!! I played the dance tent for the Glasto (sic) Thursday partiers... Tomorrow Dance tent!! Again!! I've been f**king waiting my whole life for the chance to play Glastonbury!! My throat was bleeding. There's nothing more worth my blood than my fans. I'll scream till I bleed all summer long for u (you) guys."

Even after putting out two albums in less than two years, Ke$ha is gearing up for another release, albeit one that won’t appear on iTunes for a while. In an interview with 4Music, the singer talks about writing new material while on tour: I’ve been writing as I’ve been touring and traveling the world and having all these crazy experiences! I’ve been writing a lot! I haven’t gone into the studio but all I know is that the next record is definitely going to have an extremely visceral attitude to do it.

Written on Jun 30 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: keha glastonbury festival


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