Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Celebrate Halloween as Batman and Catwoman

The two superstars showed up in superheroes costumes at a Halloween party in Miami. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Celebrate Halloween as Batman and Catwoman

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's getups of Batman and Catwoman for a Halloween party (at Miami's famous Fontainbleau Hotel) barely left any part of their body uncovered but they still were pretty recognisable, thanks to her trademark bum.

The "No Church in the Wild" MC showed us what an African-American Batman would look like although only his eyes were visible due to his full-body dress, cape and mask.

His bootylicious girlfriend was wearing what was a latex costume. While she frequently shows a lot of skin in public, this time she too was almost entirely covered in clothing. As mentioned above, her backside was still recognisable from a mile due to latex's skin-tight quality giving it even more prominence than usual.

Unlike the real Batman, West didn't arrive at the party in a real Batmobile but his golden Lamborghini was still pretty cool.  

"Heading to LIV now w the crew! Can't wait for u to see my costume! The whole crew has a theme. Even cars to go w our theme! Pulling up soon," Kardashian tweeted before leaving for the party.

Her elder sister Kourtney Kardashian showed up dressed as Batgirl and despite the fact that she gave birth to her second child less than four months ago, she was in excellent shape. Scott Disick, her partner, was dressed as Robin, Batman's sidekick.

Later on, she tweeted a pic of the whole Batman clan with the following message: "Our Bat Clique last night! Anthony, Me, Kanye, Jonathan, Kourtney, Scott."

Written on Nov 04 2012 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: kanye west kim kardashian


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