Justin Bieber Treats Beliebers with New Unreleased Song "You Want Me"

Due to a botched live Livestream show, the Canadian pop star gave a preview of his unfinished song to his fans. Justin Bieber Treats Beliebers with New Unreleased Song "You Want Me"

There was once again no Grammy glory for Justin Bieber on Sunday's event in Los Angeles. The Canadian pop star, who was nominated in two categories in 2011 but failed to win any of them, didn't even attend the prestigious award show's latest ceremony.

He wasn't nominated in any category last year and same was the case this time around. So he decided to skip the show altogether and went on vacations. But in order to stay relevant during his absence, the 18-year-old singer hosted a Livestream show to interact with the Beliebers.

However, Bieber's internet connection wasn't strong enough and so he wasn't able to provide his fans with what he had promised. To cheer them up, he then treated them with an exclusive preview of one of his yet-to-be-released - though incomplete - song.

"Never been so frustrated," he wrote in the caption of a shirtless pic of himself on Instagram before adding: "I'm going to do a video right now so that I can play you guys some of my new music."

The song titled "You Want Me" is a typical Bieber tune but is a bit unique as the teen heartthrob has rapped a bit in it too.

Bieber recently released his third remix album "Believe Acoustic" before leaving for holidays. His plans regarding his next studio album haven't been disclosed yet. 

Written on Feb 12 2013 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber


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