Justin Bieber’s Looking to Move to Atlanta – A Good Idea?

Justin Bieber’s reportedly looking at properties in Atlanta, but is this a good idea? Justin Bieber’s Looking to Move to Atlanta – A Good Idea?

Based on Journals, it’s pretty clear Justin Bieber looks to move in a hip-hop direction. So making a physical move to the hip-hop capital of the U.S. seems to make sense.

According to a story TMZ broke last week, the teen pop star was spotted in Atlanta partying with Diddy and hanging out with T.I. and Rick Ross. Sources say he’s been asking these top rappers about the best places to get top-notch real estate.

Later reports have him considering a property in Buckhead, specifically on Blackland Road. The community is also home to Usher and Young Jeezy. This property apparently features a home theater, spa, and wine cellar.

It’s also fairly obvious Bieber has issues with his neighbors in Calabasas. There have been reports of his loud parties, and more recently, the pop star allegedly threw eggs at a neighbor’s home, causing a reported $20,000 worth of damage. Reports also say he’s looking for another property in the Los Angeles area.

However, TMZ pointed out yesterday that Atlanta might not be the best place for the Biebs. While he briefly lived there at the start of his career, once Scooter Braun signed him, he’s known these days for being a heavy marijuana smoker and making sizzurp – a drink containing codeine. Possession of both yields jail sentences of 10 and 15 years, respectively.

What do you think is the best move for Bieber – staying on the West Coast or going South?

Written on Feb 19 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber


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