Justin Bieber Gets Booed at Staples Center on Mothers' Day

The Canadian pop star's shenanigans in the last few years have taken a toll on his popularity. Justin Bieber Gets Booed at Staples Center on Mothers' Day

When Justin Bieber showed up at Sunday's game between Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples Center, he must have thought that he'd get a positive response from the crowd, it being LA. But the kind of reception he got was a lot different from what he expected – quite the opposite in fact.

According to E! News' sources, "The entire placed booed him when Staples Center cameras put him on the jumbotron."

It being Mothers' Day, the Biebs was there with his mom Pattie Mallette, but even that didn't get him any love from the crowd. They didn't let that bother them though. The mother and son took selfies together before the latter posted them on Twitter along with the message: "Took my mom to the game.. She's more [focused] on the food :p."

The "As Long As You Love Me" crooner's popularity graph in the US has plummeted in the last few years due to his antics. Sunday's was just another example of that. 

Written on May 12 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber


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