Justin Bieber Confronts Paparazzi in L.A. Traffic - Video

The Canadian heartthrob held up traffic to let the photographers know how he felt. Justin Bieber Confronts Paparazzi in L.A. Traffic - Video

Even after the death of Princess Diana highlighted the dangers of paparazzi, things remain just as perilous for celebrities and it’s even more risky for high profile stars like, Justin Bieber. 

Earlier this year, the Canadian star engaged in a high-sped chase with a paparazzo and was accused of assaulting a photographer before that.  With the drama surrounding his personal life and breakup with Selena Gomez, the interest in his daily activities has intensified.

While being pursued in his vehicle in Los Angeles, a photographer videotaped himself admonishing Bieber for his poor driving skills.  This seemed to really irritated the teen sensation who, when the light turned green, continued to stay right where he was, backing up traffic and infuriating drivers. 

During this time, he took the opportunity to tell the paps how he felt about being pursued and asked the photographer if his family was proud of him for stalking people for a living.

He stood his ground for as long as he could but when the honking and yelling from other commuters became too much, he sped off but the video shows that the paparazzi continued to follow him.

Written on Nov 20 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber paparazzi speeding video


John Doe 10p 2 years ago

That is pretty lame of Bieber. At first I thought he was just sitting at a stop light, but no, he is sitting there blocking traffic, like a typical rich snob.

If a cop was around, he would have gotten a ticket for it. Just like his other reckless driving which may injure another person.


Raksha Keller 20p 2 years ago

But it was wrong of the paparazzi to be pursuing him like that. That would give anyone the shits.


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