Justin Bieber Announces Acoustic Album on Twitter

On Twitter, Justin Bieber announced another album of acoustic renditions of his songs. Justin Bieber Announces Acoustic Album on Twitter

No matter how much you dislike Justin Bieber, there’s one aspect of his career that critics can’t deny: the pop star can adapt. Now that the Biebs had a very successful year, even after adjusting his voice, he’s making another change that, based on his recent American Music Awards performance, is inevitable: he’s releasing an acoustic album.

There’s no word which tracks will make it onto the release, whether Bieber will consider doing a career-comprehensive album of acoustic renditions of his hits or will simply stick with Believe songs. Even with his acoustic take of “As Long As You Love Me,” a significant departure from the track’s original dubstep-influenced production from Rodney Jerkins, the “Boyfriend” singer broke the news on Twitter on December 6. He stated to fans: “been writing alot…new stuff…and yeah. the acoustic album, new arrangements, is happening… #withdankanter.”

What’s with the hashtag? For those unaware, Dan Kanter is Bieber’s lead guitarist and musical director. Earlier in the Biebs’ career, Kanter co-produced My Worlds Acoustic, which hit stores in February 2011 and peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Aside from the announcement, the past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs for the singer. First off, even with two very successful singles over the past year (“Boyfriend” and “As Long As You Love Me”) and maturation, both in voice and image, Bieber was snubbed by the Grammy Board, receiving not a single nomination. On the other hand, at the end of November, charges regarding the assault of a paparazzi photographer were dropped.

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