Jordin Sparks Brags About "Sexiest Man" Jason Derulo

When her boyfriend posed shirtless in the magazine, the singer had to show everyone. Jordin Sparks Brags About "Sexiest Man" Jason Derulo

Every woman likes to think that the guy they are with makes them the envy of all their friends but Jordin Sparks is one of the few people who can claim to have documented proof!

When her boyfriend, Jason Derulo, was chosen as one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men of the Year (and even posed shirtless in the magazine), she couldn’t have been more proud. 

It’s highly likely that the 22-year-old American Idol champ was met with more than a few eyerolls as she admits to showing people the issue of the magazine and said “look where my boyfriend is.” 

Sparks and her 23-year-old singer beau have been together for more than a year now and they seem determined to make it work despite having such busy schedules.  Derulo is even joining her family for Thanksgiving (Sparks spent the festive holiday at his home last year).

What’s their secret?  Sparks says that they do what they can to “make every single moment count together.”

Currently, the pair are working on their individual albums but they both indicated that they’d love to collaborate on a few tracks as well.

Written on Nov 17 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jordin sparks jason derulo sexiest man alive 2012


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