Johnny Marr Criticizes Spotify’s Business Model

Johnny Marr spoke to NME recently about how Spotify harms the music industry, particularly new artists. Johnny Marr Criticizes Spotify’s Business Model

Not everyone’s getting on Spotify’s business model for exposing new artists and paying musicians. In the U.K., Johnny Marr, Thom Yorke, and David Byrne all have spoken out against the platform, with the former Smiths guitarist making a few remarks in a recent NME interview.

For one, Marr believes the platform has no benefit to new acts. He told the music magazine: "I can't think of anything more opposite to punk rock than Spotify. I think it entirely hampers new bands, and the situation that Thom Yorke and Beck have been criticizing makes the old record companies of the 70s look like cottage industries."

Instead, Marr said, Spotify makes all music “throwaway” because of the ease of accessibility. He then said: “Pop culture isn't just about 'the music, man'. It's a way of life, an aesthetic, and it's not just about pressing a button and getting something entirely for convenience."

Marr and others further criticized how Spotify pays its artists, claiming the streaming service is far better for a back catalog but not newer artists wanting exposure. Since these statements, Spotify has since become more transparent with their business model, explaining how artists get paid. As well, the streaming service has plans to later launch Spotify Artists and free analytics, which would provide more information.

Outside of recent media attention, Marr released his first solo album The Messenger back in February 2013.

Written on Dec 20 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: johnny marr spotify


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