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Joan Baez John Riley lyrics is the 8th song on the album "Joan Baez" by Joan Baez. The "John Riley" lyrics by Joan Baez are displayed below.
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John Riley by Joan Baez

fair young maid all in a garden

Stange young man passerby

He said "fair maid will you marry me?"

This then sir was her reply:


Oh no kind sir i cannot marry thee

For i've a love who sails all on the sea.

He's been gone for seven years

Still no man shall marry me


What if he's in some battle slain

Or drownded (sic) in the deep salt sea

What if he's found another love

And he and his love both married be?

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Well if he's in some battle slain


I will go and mourn all on his grave

And if he's drowned in the deep salt sea

I'll be true to his memory


And if he's found another love

And he and his love both married be

I'll wish them health and happiness

Where they dwell across the sea


He picked her up all in his arms

Kisses gave her: one two three

Said here am i my own true love

I am your long-lost john riley!



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