Jewel Loving Motherhood After Difficult Pregnancy

Singer Jewel was in a serious car accident while pregnant and later had to have an emergency C-section but is settling into life with new baby, Kase Townes. Jewel Loving Motherhood After Difficult Pregnancy

Alaskan crooner, Jewel, definitely didn’t have the pregnancy and birth than she wanted but she’s focusing on the positive.  Back in March, 2011, just a short time after announcing her pregnancy, Jewel was hit by a volunteer fire engine in Texas.  At the time, she tweeted: "1 thing I do know is my car saved my & baby's life-definitely going 2 get another Cadillac SRX! It absorbed all the damage & kept me safe!"

Fortunately, the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful.  Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray, a professional rodeo rider, had a natural birth planned. The singer even went so far as to study hypnobirthing to help her cope with her labor pains.  Those plans were derailed, however, when the baby’s heartbeat dropped, leading doctors to perform an emergency C-section. 

In spite of the challenges, Jewel focuses on the positive.  "I feel lucky to be pregnant in the modern age where they could actually tell he wasn't well during those contractions," she said. "We felt thankful that we had good doctors and a good hospital nearby, and that everything was OK. I'm so lucky that we have a healthy baby boy. That's all I cared about."

And it shows. The couple have changed their priorities now that son, Kase Townes, is in their lives.  "Neither of us wants to have a nanny," Jewel added. "Ty wants his relationship with Kase to be special, and the time you put in is part of that. I just want to soak up this time with him… The great thing for me, and my husband feels the same way, is we've been successful in our careers. What's the point of that success if you can't take advantage of it at a time like this and enjoy being a parent? It's a rare gift we want to take advantage of and not worry about what to do next."

Jewel recently released The Merry Goes Round, her second children’s album.  

Written on Sep 15 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jewel


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