Jessica Biel Helped Justin Timberlake Face His Fears

The singer proves that a man will sometimes do anything for love - even scuba diving. Jessica Biel Helped Justin Timberlake Face His Fears

In a relationship, we all want some of the same things.  Love, of course, is the most important but we also want to feel comfortable and supported.  It’s the same for famous people too and many couples who have been married a long time will say that, when you find someone who makes you feel like you can do the impossible, hold on to them!

That seems to be the case for Justin Timberlake.  This is the man who, after being the lead singer for NSync and got down with Britney Spears, became responsible for “bringing sexy back” and then went on to act in Emmy Award winning Saturday Night Live skits and Oscar-nominated films. 

Despite having such widespread success, he still admits that he had one major fear – sharks.  Well, not necessarily of sharks on their own but he definitely never wanted to be in the ocean and encounter one.  He said that if he had, he would have done what anyone else would have “which is flap and scream like a little girl.”

Of course, while vacationing in Australia near the Great Barrier Reef, his fiancée Jessica Biel, wanted to take him scuba diving, an activity he had never done before.  He laid out his rules – if they were on the boat and saw a shark, he was not going in the water. Period.  His reasoning is that divers are going into the shark’s territory and compared it to the rudeness of having a stranger suddenly walk into your house.  He’s got a point…

So how did the scuba diving go?

Timberlake explains: “We're sitting on the boat ... the first thing I see is a shark! I just had this moment where I looked at her and was like, 'Ahh, whatever!' And we went in. It was actually really unbelievable."

The pair are engaged to be married sometime in the near future.

Written on Sep 24 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin timberlake jessica biel wedding shark scuba diving


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