Jennifer Lopez Dishes on her Relationship with Casper Smart

J. Lo sits down and sheds some light on her feelings for Casper in an interview with Katie Couric. Jennifer Lopez Dishes on her Relationship with Casper Smart

People may not understand, or may even disagree with singer Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with her much younger beau Casper Smart, however, the diva is comfortable with where she’s at and gave some insight into the situation. According to Jenny From the Block age just isn’t a factor in this equation!

She states, "It's hard for me to think of my age because I don't feel any different than when I first started. I feel very youthful and very comfortable in my own skin... We are just two people who have similar interests, and love a lot of the same things and get along."

Lopez recently made an appearance on Katie where she discussed her feelings towards Smart. She says, “It’s not an easy position for either of us to be in sometimes. We’re enjoying each other’s company and he’s a great support system.”

Casper is a 25 year old dancer and choreographer, making him 18 years younger than her. Despite the controversy of it all, the couple seems to be happy and doing well. They have been dating for almost ten months now and Casper has moved in with Jennifer and her 4-year-old twins Max and Emme. Lopez began publically dating Smart just months after her husband Marc Anthony filed for divorce in April of this year. They had announced their separation in July of 2011. Marc requested joint legal and physical custody of their two children.

It’s great to see that Jennifer and Casper aren’t afraid of doing what makes them happy, regardless of what people may think.

During her appearance on Katie, Casper and Katie surprised Jennifer with a little dance routine. Check out the video below!

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