Jay-Z Has A Secret Son?

Reports that Jay-Z fathered a child with Shenelle Scott is making the rounds once again. According to reports from Star Magazine, the 99 Problems rapper has a nine year old son. Jay-Z Has A Secret Son?

Since Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce announced to the world at the MTV Music Video Awards just weeks ago that they are in fact expecting a baby after weeks of speculation, new reports are out that this isn't the first child for Jay-Z.  According to Star Magazine, who reportedly sat down with a man by the name of Jerald Andrews, the rap star fathered a child with a Trinidadian model by the name of Shenelle Scott years ago, and he claims a DNA test taken proves it.  Andrews is apparently the father of Malik Sayeed, an ex-boyfriend of Scott's who thought he was the father of the model’s now nine year old son, until he discovered otherwise.

Sitting down with Andrews in an exclusive interview, Star Magazine shared what the man had to say when it came to this alleged big secret the model has been keeping for years.  "I know Shenelle, but I've never spoken to her or my son about this. They're very private people. The stuff about the DNA test was on the Internet. It's all from an old article on the Internet," Andrews said. "I don't know if it's true."

The sixty-seven year old also went on to add that "at the time (the baby) was born, my son Malik thought he was his child, but they did DNA tests.  It's been determined that (the child is) Jay-Z's baby.”  A unknown source also revealed to Star that while Beyonce (who is now four months along) was initially angry about discovering Jay-Z’s secret son, she decided to stand by her husband in the end. 

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is also buzzing with stories that the rapper payed off Shenelle Scott with $1 million dollars to keep things quiet.  The model was said to have purchased a home in Trinidad, and continues to reportedly receive child support for their son, who is said to look just like his father.

So far reps from Jay-Z's camp have yet to comment on the Star exclusive.

Written on Sep 15 2011 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jay z Beyonce son pregnant


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