Jay-Z Buys Private Island in Bahamas for Beyonce and Blue Ivy

When it comes to extravagance, Beyonce and Jay-Z take the cake, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when reports emerged that Jay-Z had bought a private island for his wife and daughter. Jay-Z Buys Private Island in Bahamas for Beyonce and Blue Ivy

It’s hard to live a normal life when you’re a celebrity, but Jay-Z is doing his best to make sure wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy have enough space and quality time together away from the paparazzi. The rap mogul is reportedly buying a private island for his family in the North Abaco region of the Bahamas.

A source says, "Jay's been looking for a private island for the family. He's getting it partly to mark their fifth wedding anniversary but also, with Bey back in the spotlight, it's getting impossible for them to do normal things such as go to the beach with Blue. A private island means they'll be able to have quality time with minimum staff and security."

How luxurious! The island is said to be worth $3 million, which is just a drop in the bucket for the music powerhouse couple. Hova was supposedly inspired by Richard Branson’s private island and hopes to achieve the same level of comfort.

As we reported earlier this month, Beyonce and Jay-Z caught some criticism for a trip they made to Cuba, despite the embargo that is placed on the island nation. After receiving angry responses from Cuban residents, they were even investigated by Congress and were accused of supporting a communist regime. The criticism even encouraged Jay-Z to write an open letter which can be heard here.

Hopefully this will give them the privacy and space they need to raise Blue Ivy and avoid that kind of backlash in the future. 

Written on Apr 12 2013 by Lauren Croteau (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jay z beyonce island bahamas blue ivy


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