James Chance Signs With True Groove Records, Records James Brown Cover

Chance hasn’t lost his touch, the latest proof is the well executed cover of James Brown, where you can feel his original style all over the place. James Chance Signs With True Groove Records, Records James Brown Cover

The True Groove All-Stars, members of Tomas Doncker's True Groove Records family, have released a cover of James Brown's classic 'I Don't Want Nobody' with music legend James Chance on vocals. The track  was recorded to celebrate Chance's recent signing to True Groove  Records. James Chance has influenced several generations of artists  from many different mediums including: The Red Hot Chili Peppers  (whose rhythm section has backed James up on West coast tours), 'The  Simpson's' creator Matt Groening, film director Jim Jarmusch, the  Talking Heads, British avant-funk band Melt yourself down (whose name  comes from the title of one of Chance's tunes), Deborah Harry and  Chris Stein (of Blondie) to name a few.

"James gave me my 'Big Time' start as a member of James White & The Blacks.This band also featured Joseph Bowie (whose own legendary  Defunkt would emerge from his association with James) and Ornette Colman guitarist Bern Nix." says Tomas Doncker.

Founded in 2011, True Groove was born out of what Tomás saw as a need for a  forward thinking artist oriented brand where "music comes first". True  Groove and The Orchard's partnership will begin immediately with the release of 12 new projects from the label's elite roster of artists  within the first quarter of the 2014.

"We are very excited about True Groove moving forward with the  Orchard", says Doncker. "Both of our companies have a similar approach  to the new music business model; vibrant, focused, enterprising and  creative. And we are both fearless, innovative and love music. We're  thrilled to present a wide range of groundbreaking artists from young  soul diva, Lael Summer, to punk legends’ Joe Bowie (Defunkt) and James  Chance (Contortions). We believe our relationship with The Orchard is  the best possible opportunity to bring our vision of Global Soul to  the world."

True Groove have plans to start recording a new full-length James Chance album in 2014. Recently, True Groove Records signed a major global distribution deal with The Orchard. In joining True Groove, James Chance shares a roster with the Tomas Doncker Band, Kevin Jenkins, Marla Mase and Lael Summer.

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Written on Apr 14 2014 by Arthur Jay , lead writer at KOvideo. Tags: james chance and the contortions


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