Jake Owen Releases The Music Video For 'Alone With You'

US Country Music Singer Jake Owen Releases A Music Video For A Track About Being Truly Loyal Jake Owen Releases The Music Video For  'Alone With You'

US country music singer, Jake Owen, has just released the music video for Alone With You, a track off his latest album Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

During the last year or so, Jake Owen has had a startling explosion of fame with a chart-topping single in "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" and now with his latest track "Alone With You" looking like it's going to follow suit.

The song, "Alone With You", describes the love story of a man who has strong feelings for a woman, but she only wants him for a love affair with no continuation.  Obviously she is getting what she wants, but he is wanting more. He has affections for her, but she doesn't.

The music video shows Jake at home, sleeping on the couch with his dog when his phone rings. He shows mixed emotions about the events that are likely to follow. His lady-love comes around, she gets what she wants, but the clip shows that he wants more. The lyrics and the actions in the video show that he is after a long term relationship, whereas she is only interested in a casual affair.

He sings, "Don't put your lips up to my mouth and tell me you can't stay..." defining clearly what he is after.

It is a sad song. It finishes up without a happy ending.

Fortunately for Jake, his dog is loyal.

His previous single, "Barefoot Blue Jean Night " went to the top of the country charts - despite a mixed reception from the critics who gave the song the "thumbs down" for its summery song appeal. "Alone With You" is also not popular with the critics despite the valuable message in the song. The song has a lot of appeal in its sound, and it gives a valuable lesson to all in minimising heartbreak.

Jake Owen  - "Alone With You"

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jennifer shields 10p 3 years ago

The first time i heard "alone with you' It triggered a sweet long lost love that I had for someone in my life.I was so crazy about him, but as the song goes ..he only loved me and left me...Love hurts sometimes..Great song .Jake Owens rocks ..


Autumn Kiser 10p 3 years ago

never had a song hit me more in my heart!


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