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J-Bieber Rap by Justin Bieber

Ahh lets do this, this is funky

Yeah, ready?, lets go, uhh

Atl baby, is where I reside

I'm a young white rapper

And I don't get high

Teenage girls, is what I really like

And I'm still a young boy

But I'm still so fly


Uhh, lets go, yahh

You see my smile

Caught it on the cam-er-a

Drink the ranbrowgrew wing

See the stamina

Shout out to my boys yeah

They up there in canada

I used to live there till I moved to atlanta

Where the girls are so hawt

Yeah the girls are fyne too

Catching bieber fever

Forget the swine fluuu, haha

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Uh, yeah, so umm, uh uh, ready?

Can I be the one

To take you round town

Be the one to call

When your feelin so down

I could be your man

And you could be my crown

Uh, yeah


I'm j-bieber

First name last name


Check it on the past line

I'm j-bieber

I'm always in the fast lane

Yah, uhh, tim westwood

I'm just a pop singer!

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J-Bieber Rap Song Lyrics Meanings

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