It’s Official: ABBA Reunion Never Happening

Although fans have hoped a reunion would happen for nearly two decades, Agnetha Faltskog confirmed this weekend the group has no plans to get back together. It’s Official: ABBA Reunion Never Happening

Certain music groups, throughout pop culture history, keep getting back together, while others, like The Smiths, call it quits and never see each other on stage again. ABBA falls into the latter. Although the Swedish quartet hasn’t performed together officially since 1982, rumors of a reunion have persisted for the past 20 years. However, this past weekend, Agnetha Faltskog confirmed ABBA are officially over.

In an interview in Australia on Sunday, the singer said in regards to a reunion: “I don’t think so. No. And we’ve had a lot of offers but we have our own life now since many years back and we don’t understand why we should do it. Because we’ve had our time and I think we should let ABBA rest and just listen to the music.”

Since 1982, Faltskog embarked on her own solo career. While she hasn’t put out an album in nearly a decade, she has been promoting new single “When You Really Love Someone,” a track from her upcoming release, A.

For those that don’t know, ABBA is one of the top-selling groups in history. Worldwide, the group sold 370 million albums and singles, and yearly, they continue to sell into the millions.

While ABBA’s popularity declined in the 1980s, their songs experienced a revival, starting in the 1990s with a cover from Erasure and film Priscilla Queen of the Desert and continuing into the present with musical, and eventual film, Mamma Mia!

Written on May 06 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: abba


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