Is Kim Kardashian Considering a Music Career Again?

Sources told ‘The Sun’ that Kim Kardashian, with Kanye West’s support, is considering going back into music. Is Kim Kardashian Considering a Music Career Again?

Having a husband in the music industry comes with perks. One, there’s a chance to appear in a music video. Two, he’ll back your pop star career.

No, we’re not talking about Pia Zadora – we mean Kim Kardashian. This week, a source came toward The Sun to reveal that the sex tape-making reality TV star is considering reviving her pop career, which to this date consists of one single released three year ago.

The source told The Sun about the “Jam (Turn It Up)” singer’s plans, which involve husband Kanye West: "Kim has told pals she's keen to be taken seriously as a vocal artist. She's started vocal coaching and songwriting lessons and set up meetings with record companies. Kanye will advise on the project, which he's given his full backing."

Supposedly, they have been meeting with record execs already, and Kardashian’s working on her voice.

Of course, this isn’t the first rumor concerning the celebrity’s music career. Last year, sources said she had been planning for a vocal appearance on West’s Yeezus, but if she were to be included, her track didn’t make the cut.

Instead of a singing cameo, however, she made a very raunchy appearance with the rapper in the “Bound 2” music video.

Should Kim Kardashian attempt a music career again, or should she just stick with reality TV and product endorsements?

Written on Jun 17 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: kim kardashian kanye west


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