Is Justin Bieber’s New Album Called ‘Journals’?

Twitter hashtags from Bieber and possible collaborators indicate his third studio album may be called ‘Journals.’ Is Justin Bieber’s New Album Called ‘Journals’?

Through celebrity gossip fodder, we all seem to know what Justin Bieber’s up to – except actually making his album. While first single “Heartbreaker” has yet to be released (a 30-second perfume commercial doesn’t cut it), website believes that Bieber’s upcoming album is going to be called Journals.

It’s not hard to see why. Bieber and manager Scooter Braun have described the upcoming concept of this third studio album (fourth if you count the Christmas release) being like a “music journal.” As he started the Asian leg of his Believe tour, the pop star tweeted: “#BELIEVE TOUR is back in Asia and #Journals are coming. Get ready.”

Although this just might be some code between Braun and Bieber, Poo Bear appears to be using the same name in his tweets to the “As Long As You Love Me” singer, too. He wrote on September 21: “Watch out for JB's journals , the greatest work I've ever been apart of !!! If you love Confessions, prepare ...”

Unlike with Believe, Bieber’s been a bit cryptic about the release that might be called Journals. Instagram pictures show him in the studio and with Pharrell Williams, Future, Tyler the Creator, Wiz Khalifa, and R. Kelly, while “Heartbreaker” – with a hashtag on Twitter for a while, was just heard in a perfume commercial for Bieber’s new scent The Key back in July.

Do you think Journals is the title of Bieber’s third studio album? Or, do you think it’s just a concept going around the teen star’s circle?

Written on Sep 23 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber poo bear scooter braun


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