Is Justin Bieber Playing Robin in Upcoming ‘Batman’ Movie?

In an Instagram photo, Justin Bieber held up a script supposedly for the latest ‘Batman’ movie, but is he just trolling us all? Is Justin Bieber Playing Robin in Upcoming ‘Batman’ Movie?

If you thought Ben Affleck as Batman set off a storm of internet fury, it’s nothing compared to Justin Bieber rumored to be Robin.

An Instagram photo posted to the Biebs’ account on Friday began the flurry of comments. As you can see by the image here, the teen pop star held up a script for the upcoming Batman movie, which had his name added as a watermark.

Along with this, Bieber reportedly added caption “#robin??” to the image, which has since garnered 772,000 likes on Instagram alone.

The image implies that directors David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder intended him for the role, but is this accurate? Not everyone seems to think the “Boyfriend” singer is destined to transition into acting. The Hollywood Reporter, for instance, pointed out that Bieber made the following tweet on Friday: “Off to do something funny or...die :)”

There’s a chance, then, that the script he’s holding up isn’t for the actual Batman movie but instead a Funny or Die skit, and Bieber, with his trolling, is really just playing everyone on the internet.

This potentially-dubious casting choice aside (seriously, does no one remember the singer’s dreadful acting turn on a 2011 episode of CSI?), the upcoming Batman film now starring Affleck takes its plot from The Dark Knight Falls.

Would you watch a Batman movie with Bieber as Robin, or is this, really, all a hoax?

Written on Sep 15 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber batman funny or die


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