Is it time to get a van for festivals?

As the music festival season is fast approaching, one must consider all the ways to get the most out of the whole experience. Is it time to get a van for festivals?

Festival season has become a huge thing in Britain, with more and more boutique festivals springing up every year to compete with the more established festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival and V Festival. While watching your favourite bands and partying for three days straight is obviously a lot of fun, the one thing that puts a dampener on some people's festival fun is sleeping in a tent.

First, you endure the struggle of putting up the tent, with all those pesky pegs and poles. Then, as British summers are notoriously wet and muddy, there is the problem of getting everything inside the tent wet and dirty. No matter how hard you try, mud always gets into your tent which makes for a very messy, uncomfortable night's sleep! There's also the problem of wind blowing your tent around and rain leaking through the roof of the tent.

Even when the weather is lovely and sunny, night time in the UK is always freezing, meaning you have to go to sleep wearing all your clothes and wake up sweating every day, the tent boiling hot in the morning sun. My worst camping experience at a festival was Leeds festival six years ago. I barely slept a wink, because rowdy boys were setting empty tents on fire and I was terrified my tent was going to go up in flames. Not fun at all.

The alternative is sleeping in a van, which is a lot more comfortable and at some festivals, like Bingley Festival, it's quite common. It's also a lot easier driving to a festival in a van that carrying everything on the train, especially as trains to festival locations are always crammed with other festival-goers! At Secret Garden Party, you can also sleep in a van if you buy a special camper van pass. If you don't have a van and don't know anyone who does, you can hire a van. It's really easy now to hire vans online, check out Hertz who also offer discount for students.

Festivals are such a great experience, where else can you take part in interactive performances, or spend a fun afternoon with complete strangers, or discover a secret stage in the woods and dance until dawn? If sleeping in a tent is putting you off, hire a van instead. Instead of worrying about being wet and cold, you can get on with having the time of your life. 

Written on Mar 03 2014 by Arthur Jay , lead writer at KOvideo. Tags: festival


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