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Lil' Wayne Interlude lyrics is the 8th song on the album "Tha Carter Iv" by Lil' Wayne. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Lil Wayne Plans to Censor Himself More on ‘Tha Carter V’".
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Interlude by Lil' Wayne


And I be stuck in lust and quick to a bust a nut

And take a nigga's dame with no shame

When they be bussin' 'nough they thinkin' they thugging tough

But never do knuckle up you in the game you bang

You drugging touching everything you lame?

Sucka you cannot sustain the rain

Tech N9ne is such a cuckoo in this

Baller nigga Strange Music coupe through swishes

I know a lot of you prolly never knew who this is

Well you listenin' to Tecca Nina Soo Woo business

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[Andre 3000]

Today I feel electric gray I hope tomorrow neon black

I tell a nigga all those flows are borrowed its the phar-oh Three Stacks

I woke up in Cai-ro lookin at stars so bright in the sky I thought they were marbles

No car doors whatcha call those? A whole carload of raw hoes

In a Jeep Defender please remember dont feed the Simba

Threes a symbol like nobody hes a symbol of whats safari

Pulled her ponytail to my body shes the only girl that was smart enough to call me Mr. Benjamin in the middle of a wild party

Skin was cinnamon I pound it harder how come the only girls that are thought of

Are the light ones? Well tonight then we gon do it do it do it for the dark ones

Its important that you are more than welcome to the Carter IV and

Yall enjoy it I will go head and Ill kiss yall on yall forehead



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