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Inside A Serial Killer's Mind by Reh Dogg


It's a burning fury inside of me

And if you didn't walk a mile in my shoes shut your mouth

You aint no me no where I came from so shut your mouth now

You heard me



I've been bread to be a serial killer let me digress

From a very young age I was abused physically from the family

In the streets of school I was tortured by the bullies one day I snapped

My BF Tracy told me I ran up in the woods I came back climbed a ladder

On the galvanize I repeatedly banged my head

Bang (4 times) until the blood gush poured out through my head

When I came to I didn't have a clue what the hell is wrong with you

It's nothing but the truth I don't know how to speak anything other than the truth

And that's the proof that I was bread to be a serial killer a murderer

That's just what I feel inside the darkness it's inside me and it's taking over

My mind and my brain sometimes I feel like I'm insane

But all these years I've controlled it and not snapped yet

But this economy it's driving me to the edge I'm going under and I just can't breath

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I have to kill I want to kill fight the will you gots to chill (Repeat 2)



Milton Joseph God rest his soul he was the bully that put me over the edge

Cause I tell you what he made me so angry every year he use to pick on me

One day in the lunch line he took a ply wood On October 31st and slammed it in my head

I closed my eyes and I cried and I opened up my eyes and to his surprise

Boy did he push me over the edge stabbed him repeatedly with a metal fork until he bled

Ha ha ha ha it felt so good I let out all those years of frustration and now I don't know

If I can go back to the way things were because I can't help myself



I have to kill I want to kill fight the will you gots to chill (Repeat 4)

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