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Michael Ball Immortality lyrics is the 12th song on the album "Centre Stage" by Michael Ball. The "Immortality" lyrics by Michael Ball are displayed below.
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Immortality by Michael Ball

So this is who i am and this is all i know

And i must choose to live

For all that i can give

The spark that makes the power grow


And i will stand

For my dream if i can

A symbol of my faith in who i am

But i am so lonely


And i must follow on

The road that lies ahead

I won't let my heart control my head

I am so lonely


And we don't say goodbye

We don't say goodbye

And i know what i've got to be

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I make my journey through eternity

I keep the memory of you and me inside


Fulfill your destiny

It's there within the child

My storm will never end my fate is on the wind

The king of hearts the joker's wild


And we don't say goodbye

We don't say goodbye

I'll make them all remember me


'cause i have found a dream

That must come true

Every ounce of me must see it through

But i am so lonely


I'm sorry i don't have a role

For love to play

Hand over my heart i'll find the way

I will make them give to me



There is a vision and a fire in me

I'll keep the memory of you and me inside


And we don't say goodbye

We don't say goodbye

With all my love for you

What else we may do


We don't say goodbye



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