Pastor Troy - If They Kill Me Lyrics

Pastor Troy If They Kill Me lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Universal Soldier" by Pastor Troy. The "If They Kill Me" lyrics by Pastor Troy are displayed below.
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If They Kill Me by Pastor Troy


If they kill me

They best to be ready to move [3x]

Cause my folks coming back

My nigga to kill you



[verse 1]

This is a song for

Them niggas talkin' bout killin' me

Something to listen to

Before I go on my killing spree

Y'all niggas ain't shit to me

A bunch of followers

And when I catch your ass

I'ma swallow ya

Bitch i'ma bury ya

The mo' the merrier

I pray you out with your niggas

They can carry ya

Pit bull terrier fightin' the pekinese

You wanna crank up your war

Bitch come fuck with me

I got some real g's and then some g's that

I teach them niggas

And lay low off in cacilac

Off in the cadillac 2002 edition

It's pastor troy fuck boy

And your benediction

It ain't no contradiction

You walkin' thin ice

You put your money down monkey nigga

Now roll the dice

Claim he gone take my life

I got the trick for ya

I got a 45 hard as a dick for ya

You kill me

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[chorus 2x]


[verse 2]

These niggas plottin' prayin

Cryin' they hoes

Don't hate me my nigga I'm chose

Those suckas and bustas don't like it when you gloat

The same bitch you crying to

I fucked the hoe

Uh-oh you didn't know

That she was buck wild

Strong possibility that that may be my child

Look at you now you feelin real fuckin short

Now keep on bustin your ass for child support (dumb ass nigga)

I'm at the fort

Eating steak and liftin weights

Nice ass crib five cars I'm straight

But on the other hand

Look at you little man

Grindin' ten years

Barely got a grand

And you talkin bout killin a man of god

You gone bust hell wide open hot rod

I'ma represent d.s.g.b

And kill any nigga

With plans of killin me


[chorus 4x]

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