Ice Cube Reveals Title for Upcoming Album

Planning to release another album, Ice Cube recently revealed the title for his upcoming release. Ice Cube Reveals Title for Upcoming Album

These days, Ice Cube is better known for his on-screen rather than studio efforts. Still, the rapper-turned-actor hasn’t put music aside. More recently, he performed at KDAY’s Krush Groove concert, which commemorated the 20-year anniversary of the start of the Los Angeles riots. This event, a reaction to the acquittal of three police officers in the Rodney King trial, inspired the rapper’s album The Predator.

At the time and now, Ice Cube considers music a force for social change. He told MTV: "Music ain't about the charts. It's about how you feel about a certain song. I know people who have music and music changed their life just by hearing a song. It could be an old song. It could be a song that people thought was thrown away and you can hear it and it can inspire you. So, I think music has always had the power to change, heal, bring understanding and bring people together."

The rapper’s upcoming release is aptly titled Everything’s Corrupt and features collaborations with his rapping sons OMG and Doughboy. In talking about the sound, Ice Cube said: "It's just really hardcore West Coast hip-hop — what I do. I don't think changing the formula is what should be done. I think it's all about do what you do best and give the people what they want."

Considering he is known more for his screen presence, Ice Cube has a handful of television and film projects in the works. One is a potential FX television show called Eye for an Eye, in which he would play an ambulance driver avenging victims of violence; the project, however, does not yet have a writer attached. Additionally, he is rolling out another Friday movie, and an N.W.A. biopic, with F. Gary Gray at the helm, has been given a go.

Written on May 05 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: ice cube everything's corrupt los angeles riots


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