Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be A Homosexual Lyrics

Screeching Weasel I Wanna Be A Homosexual lyrics is the 7th song on the album "Thank You Very Little" by Screeching Weasel. The "I Wanna Be A Homosexual" lyrics by Screeching Weasel are displayed below.
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I Wanna Be A Homosexual by Screeching Weasel

I got a little lisp

And i've been working on my limp wrist

Women are a drag

And i think i wanna be a faggot now

A mincing ninny

A prancing fairy merry little queen

A bruce labruce wet dream

A nancy boy with wings

I wanna be a homosexual

Shock the middle class

Take it up your punk rock ass

You rub your little thing

When you see phonk dykes in penthouse magazine

So what's the difference

Mr. cream rinse you just need a man

A beefy leather fag

To take you out in drag

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Call me a faggot-

Call me a butt-loving-fudge-packing-queer

I don't care

Cause it's the straight in straght edge

That makes me want to drink a beer

And be a pansy a homo

Sock the middle class

Take it up your punk rock ass

You rub your puny thing

When you see studs with tight jeans

Pass you on the street

Who wears short shorts: you wear short shorts

Your so full of shit

Why dont you admit that you dont have

The balls to be a queer



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