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"I Need A Doctor" Video Review

Dr. Dre releases the explicit video for his latest single, "I Need A Doctor" from his upcoming album "Detox", due to be released in April. The music video is the second one from the album, coming after "Kush", which featured Snoop Dogg and Akon.

The song was produced by Alex Da Kid and features Eminem with Skylar Grey on the hook. Da Kid also commented on the collaboration:

"That was amazing," the producer told MTV News. "He's one of my favorite producers of all time. Everybody knows how much of a perfectionist he is: He's been working on his album for 11 years. For him to bring me in, trust me, not micro-manage me, and let me bring what I do to the table, I can't even describe how that makes me feel."

"I think it's gonna be huge," he added. "It's just my opinion, but it's one of my favorite songs that I did and just what it means for hip-hop."

The music video was conceived as a short film, starting with "the good doctor" reminiscing about his N.W.A. period, then concentrating on his recovery after a fierce car crash. The rapper first falls in a deep coma, with Eminem by his side trying to bring him back. Canadian actress Estella Warren is pictured as a beautiful nymph (mouthing Skylar Grey's vocals), hovering over Dr. Dre's unconscious body.

Eminem frenzied plead brings Dre back to life who vigorously attacks all who pretended to be his friends and left him in need.

The video ends with Dr. Dre visiting former NWA colleague, Eric 'Eazy-E' Wright, who died in 1995, suffering from AIDS. It's a very emotional film, who will surely rank well in the charts.



Zackary Bixler 13p 3 years ago

its sad and awesome at the same time


james tashji 159p 4 years ago

this is great!



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Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor