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Nofx I, Melvin lyrics is the 21st song on the album "They've Actually Gotten Worse Live" by Nofx. The "I, Melvin" lyrics by Nofx are displayed below.
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I, Melvin by Nofx

Mascara hides the sleepless nights

Years of abuse, the downs and highs

A lonely drunk staggers on stage

Weathered and worn, battered and broken, I feel my age

Like a puppet on strings, look he strums and he sings, I feel like a cartoon

I'm alone on the stage, I'm the man on the moon

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I'm the deer in the headlights, I'm the fish in the bowl

I'm on automatic pilot, I am remote controlled

Just a second guitarist, playing on the 3rd string

I'm the disclaimer, I'm a walking routine

I'm happily a cog, stand me up, plug me in

Like a robot I play all the songs, with a grin

I am Eric Melvin

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