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Against All Authority I'm Weak Inside lyrics is the 11th song on the album "24 Hour Roadside Resistance" by Against All Authority. The "I'm Weak Inside" lyrics by Against All Authority are displayed below.
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I'm Weak Inside by Against All Authority

"I'm Weak Inside"


Another day in this broke down place

The towers grow and the skies are slowly replaced

With the cold gray structures that lay to waste

Everything that stands in the way

Stare at the ground as I walk on by

You make me sick and I hate what I feel inside

As I lobby for acceptance, you know I've tried

Another life for you to nullify

I'm weak inside because I see the shape of things to come

I'm weak inside because I don't change what's begun

I'm weak inside because I hate what I've become

I'm feeling empty as I struggle with my thoughts each day

Just a drone who contributes to his own decay

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An apathist who's sweat and blood grease the wheels for pay

Just a whore for the puppeteer to whom I obey

And nothing changes...No nothing changed today

I close my eyes and keep my mouth shut

Why am I afraid to stand up and knock them down

When I've been betrayed

You've been conditioned to accept everything they say

So I walk on but I start to stumble

Through the ruins of a life that's troubled

By the expectations I'm conditioned to struggle for

My possessions leave me self-absorbed

So many bombs I've left unblown

The streets are crowded and I feel so all alone

Stacking bricks that to this day remain unthrown

Yet I'm the one to cast the first stone

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