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I'm So Raw by Chris Brown

(with tyga)




I'm so raw

Turn da oven on

Cheff papa johns

I get the parmesan


[verse 1:]

She want ah yellow nigga

Corn on the cobb

Indian giver

Slobb on my nobb

The bitch blow hard

Harder den some halls

Here take um all you'll be straight in the morn

I'm two piece gone

I'm neva gone call

Fly nigga i ont wear it if it's in da mall

Seen it on da blog

These mutha fuckas cost

East saint laurent

U can tell by the faunt

I do wat i want

Wake up wens it's lunch

Walk like i'm drunk

Swagga so uh

Gold yard trunks go around i got ah bunch

Tell till you safe bitch get up out my stuff

I wouldn't recamend

U would eva check um in

I started with da end

So where do i begin

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I'm so raw

Turn da oven on

Cheff papa johns

I get the parmesan


[verse 2:]

Pocket full of paper under age in casino

U wanna see id oh

But i'm in da suite doe

Here my room key go

Room movin slow mo

Fans want ah photo

But it's my turn ta roll hold up baby hold those

U see i'm chillin doe low

Lense with ah logo

Pinky ring fro doe

I'm fellin myself no hohoho homo

Hold da beat pour dat mo roro roso

Rosa you bozos

Could'ntspeak wat i'm on

U n me rosseta stone

All these niggas r ah clone

We be originals

Young money sinimals

Tribe full of generals

Dnt ask me shit unless it in ah interview nigga

Unless it's in ah interview aha

Dnt talk ta me i'm not your friend

I'm just ah fan

Of ah ah fan aha

I love all my fans doe


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