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Chamillionaire I'm Da King lyrics is the 1st song on the album "The Mixtape Messiah" by Chamillionaire. The "I'm Da King" lyrics by Chamillionaire are displayed below.
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I'm Da King by Chamillionaire

(Woman: "Mixtape Messiah".......Da King is here nigga!)


(T.I. Insert)

Ay what these other niggaz talkin' I don't believe that shit

I'm the King cuz I said it and I mean that shit

Ay I'm the king cuz I said it I'm the king cuz I said it

I'm the king cuz I said it and I mean that shit

Ay what these other niggaz talkin' I don't believe that shit

I'm the King cuz I said it and I mean that shit

Ay what's so special bout him he ain't all that shit

I set the city on fire and you seen that shit



You better run when I come like a pitcher that hit the batter

(You Paid In Full?) nah but I got alot of respect for Hatter

Even though niggaz be ignorin' my questions bout business matters

Cat tell me to call Hatter Madd Hatter said call Cat

I call niggaz about some business and I never get a call back

I just wanted my songs back but they act like I'm on crack

To drop another Cham' & Paul we ain't even on contract

Parta' the game is that I keep gettin' reminded daily

Labels ahead 'll screw you that's the business out of it baby

Nigga was grindin' daily but suspicions was kinda crazy

I had to pretend like I was broke just to get Paid In Full to pay me

It's crazy for the label with the reputation for actin' a ass

Like Rap-A-Lot what's the label that was always on time with cash

Gave em' my price they didn't try to make me go down a tag

So for J.P. Tom Rad and Chief it's done they ain't gotta ask

Ain't a nigga who can persuay me to go back to House

So I can hear Dike Jones tell me he got platinum in his mouth

That nigga soft he ain't never move no crack in the South

Was in packagin' soft and he said he stack more stacks then the Boss

Sure you do I hope that's not a story they told to you

You need to pimp-slap that sick pup and maker who controllin' you

You ain't runnin' NOTHIN'! only you would go vote for you

Cuz my pockets got more G's then a G-Unit quotable

G-G-G-G-G-G-Geez you's a pee-on please

Why is he here somebody please tell this pee-on leave

Air-condition on my wrist I stay with free-on sleeves

Ya stay on D like defenders durin' three-on-three's

My momma moved out the hood to a 5 bedroom home

Rasaq moved off to solo and got a lil' crib of his own

Then I bought a Ninja bike and another whip on chrome

My money long I stand on top of the world and spit on Jones

Your album so what we heard you was comin' soon

Yeah the song with Alicia Keys or maybe you said it was Loon

I can fit your crib inside my truck and I'd still have leg-room

Then I can park that whole truck inside my Master Bedroom

Saw ya DVD you talkin' that ridiculous noise

Sister got kids with baby cribs bigger then yours

Danny DeVito duckin' down couldn't even fit through your doors

You gotta be Kiddin' me BOY! is you Kiddin' you SURE! (SURE!)

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(T.I. Insert)


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