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I Like The Way You Move by Outkast

Boom Boom Boom (Breathin)


Ready for action nip it in the butt

Never relaxin Outkast is everlastin

Not clashing not at all

But see my nigga went and did a lil' actin

Thats for anyone askin give me one pass'em

Drip Drip Drop there goes a nerdgasim

Now u comin out the side of ur face

We tappin right into ur memory bank (Thanxs)

So click it or ticket lets see ur seatbelt fastin

Trunk rattllin like 2 midgets in the backseat wrasslin

Speakerbox vibrate the tag

Make it sound like aluimin cans in a bag


(But I know ya'll wanted that 808

Can u feel the B-A-S-S bass) 2x



I like the way u move(Whoaa) 2x

I love the way u move

I love the way2x

I love the way you move(Whoaa) 3x

I love the way2x

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The whole room feel silent

The girls all pasued wit glee

Turned left turned right

All they lookin at me

But I was lookin at them

There there on the dance floor

Now they got me in the middle

Feelin like a man whore

Speacialy the big girl

Big girls need love too

No discrimation dis world

So keep ur hands off my cheeks

Let me study how u ride the beat(Ya big freak)

Skinny slim women get the chemical within them

You can hump them lift them bend em give them something to remember

Heldout timber when u fall through to chopshop

Take a deep breath exhale

Your exhale friend boyfriend was borin as hell

But let me listen to the story u tell and

We can make moves like a person in jail(on the low)




Hey baby girl dont u stop it

Comin on lady dance all on me

Look so fine(look so fine)look so fine

Driven me outta my mind(outta my mind) outta my mind(oh baby)

If i could i would just be with you baby( ohhhhhhh)

Cuz u love me and excite me and

Ya know ya got me baby(ohhhhhh)


Chorus(with miner changer) 2x

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I Like The Way You Move Song Lyrics Meanings

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