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Christina Aguilera I Got Trouble lyrics is the 18th song on the album "Back To Basics" by Christina Aguilera. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Christina Aguilera Performs At Jazz Fest in New Orleans Despite Baby Bump".
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I Got Trouble by Christina Aguilera

Mmmm mmm yeah



I got trouble trouble trouble

Always knockin' at my door

Yes I'm a whole lot of trouble baby

Just like a kid in a candy store

Well I'm nothing but trouble babe

Not since the day that I was born

Well I'm as good as it ever gets

Give you something you won't forget

If you wanna spell trouble babe

Well send out an S.O.S


'Cause baby's got something

Something you just can't ignore

And yeah it sure is likely babe

You'll keep on comin' back for more

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I've got a wicked taste for trouble

And I'm never never satisfied

Yeah I'm a whole lot of trouble baby

My evil ways can't hide


Oh my my


Well I've been itching for some trouble babe

Every single day that I'm alive




Come on baby

Come on darling

Come on sugar ooh yeah yeah

Hey ooh whoa yeah


Now listen

Can't you see the way I move

Can't you read it in my hips

There's a lot that's going on

In my pocket full of tricks

Got some secrets up my sleeve

If you know just what I mean

Got places you've never been

Take you out of your skin


Well I'm trouble trouble trouble baby

Always knocking at my door yeah

Yeah I'm a whole lotta lotta trouble babe

Ooh since the day that I was born


Oh yeah

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