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I Get Paper by Drake



[Kevin Cossom]

I'm the rookie of the year (year)

About to get my dough on

I'm about to take off baby you should hold on

But I ain't about to prolong

I'mma keep it short and tell you what's about to go on

Bottle after bottle cos the money like so long

Baby.. we about to put a show on

I'mma show off like I'm supposed to

Yeah you can get lost I don't know you



I hear my phone ringing when you call

I ain't picking up an' entertaining them at all

Got your girl face down banging on the wall

While you and all your homeboys hang at Lenox Mall

Hmm hmm hmmm

I cannot relate

Riding with some tags that I got from outta state

Riding with a swag that I got from outta space

Just show me who's the hottest I'mma knock em outta place

Call me homicide drizzy about to kill your ego

I'm about my green puffing guddi like I'm Cee-Lo

You can go and take a glance at your hero

While a Houston stripper pole dance in a Z-ro

Fantasy to you reality to me

And my g-pass is as valid as can be

I'm I'm so fresh the stylist would agree

Waving at your girl while she smiling back at me

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[Kevin Cossom]

Louie too

Yeah Alexander McQueen

I'm so clean

Its KC and Drizzy

And its the remix remix




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