Lil' Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Reversed/backwards) Lyrics

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I Feel Like Dying (Reversed/backwards) by Lil' Wayne

Chorus: "under da ground beneath ya" "without trousers are we nude?"


"sitting as i'm sippin

Swore i saw ya

But no more

Took ya down


Under da ground beneath ya

Remember what i just say

Nigga asked where da money

Nigga forgot what i f**kin said?

Its under da ground "beneath ya"

Next day relatives call sayin "wheres da kid"

I simply said "nigga hes.."

Under da ground beneath ya

I ate the brain of da coward

As i raped all his daughterz

Screamin "stop!"

But with 1 shot

"under da ground beneath ya"

Try killing me?

"under da ground beneath ya"

Think i'm f**kin playin nig?

Under da ground beneath ya"

"without trousers are we nude?"

As i climbed over da wallz

Police said he was gone

Once said he was ballin

But how you f**kin ballin

When ya ass is straight fallin

Shut the f**k up

"under da ground beneath ya"

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"her name was snitch bitch"

Raped the bitch as i ate her tits."

Killed her with a blow by my....fist"

Ha ha

Chorus: "under da ground beneath ya"



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I Feel Like Dying (Reversed/backwards) Song Lyrics Meanings

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