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Tori Amos I Don't Like Mondays lyrics is the 9th song on the album "Strange Little Girls" by Tori Amos. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "New Music Releases: October 2, 2012".
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I Don't Like Mondays by Tori Amos

[Originally by The Boomtown Rats]


The silicon chip inside her head

Gets switched to overload

And nobody's gonna go to school today

She's gonna make them stay at home

And Daddy doesn't understand it

He always said she was good as gold

And he can see no reason

Cos there are no reasons

What reasons do you need to be shown



Tell me why

I don't like Mondays

I want to shoot

The whole day down

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The telex machine is kept so clean

And it types to waiting world.

And Mother feels so shocked

Father's world is rocked

And their thoughts turn to

Their own little girl

Sweet 16 ain't that peachy keen

No it ain't so neat to admit defeat,

They can see no reasons

Cos there are no reasons

What reasons do you need to be shown


[Repeat Chorus]


All the playing's stopped in the playground now

She wants to play with her toys awhile

And school's out early and soon we'll be learning

That the lesson today is how to die

And then the bullhorn crackles

And the captain tackles

With the problems and the how's and why's

And he can see no reasons

Cos there are no reasons

What reasons do you need to die


[Repeat Chorus]

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