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Trace Adkins I Came Here To Live lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Dangerous Man" by Trace Adkins. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Rockefeller Tree Lighting to Feature Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and More".
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I Came Here To Live by Trace Adkins

I grew up in a town where tough was a cigarette

And a souped up car on a county road

Nothin' much to do back then

So we'd make bets

On how much drink a guy could hold

And I held my own

Learn to hold my own


Daddy works some dead-end job at the concrete plant

Mama taught the Sunday bible class

For eighteen years I remember thinkin'

There was more to life than that

So I ran the streets to beat the Devil

Goin' just as fast as I could fly

'Cause I came here to live

I didn't come here to die

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Mama used to wait for me with the porch light on

Worried about her little boy 'til I got home

Daddy he'd say listen son

But back then there wasn't much

That I didn't already know


I reckon I was doing close to 80

When I felt the tire slip out from under me

And I never set out lookin' for Jesus

So I guess Jesus come lookin' for me

And He found me upset down in a ditch

Smokin' gas in my eyes

And He said son you came here to live

You didn't come here to die


Sunday morning I got up and I went to church

That summer I got a job and I went to work

Met a girl in town put some money down

On a little house with a yard


Our little boy was due in September

But he came early in July

For eighteen days all I remember

Was settin' there at his side

Sayin' son open up your eyes

Just open up your eyes

'Cause you came here to live

You didn't come here to die

Son you came here to live

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