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"Hurt" Video Review

In a day and age where the majority of music videos consist of someone standing there singing while random unqualified ’video girls’ shake their rear ends around them with some gratuitous ’bling’ to boot, it’s nice to not only see a video that creative thought went into the concept, but also where a story is told.

Granted, ’Hurt’ is the type of song that sort of demands a storyline for the video in order to do it justice. Even still, many young artists (who by the way, must pay for their own videos) would’ve just pulled a cop out and given us some cheap Three minute mess with velveeta cheese written all over it. Christina Aguilera gave us something a bit different.

Teaming up with innovative director Floria Sigismondi to co-direct with her (the same woman who directed ’Fighter’, Aguilera’s best video to date), Aguilera created a heartbreaking tale with beaucoup imagery splashed right and left. Following the circus themed ’Enter The Circus’ and ’Welcome’ from her now gold album ’Back to Basics’, the video has elephants, tight rope, circus performers, tents, and more.

--Chris Evans



Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 3 years ago

anyone else notice that the caller dude has a raging ****?


joshua kirumira 15p 4 years ago




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Christina Aguilera - Hurt