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Hurricane by Rihanna

Rihanna rupee uh

Warning warning! the hurricanes coming.

So all you haters out there yes you better start running.

Lock your doors protect your homes.

The hurricanes coming through the microphone.

Blowing up right through your zone.

Coming straight toward your throne. (coming straight for your throne)

Hurricane it's the hurricane.(hurricane it's the hurricane)

Blowing holes right through your brain.

Hurricane it's the hurricane



(kill it rihanna yo)

Straight out the caribbean sea.

You know you gotta feel me.

I'm a 1 2 3 4 5 category and i'm so deadly.

Come from the land of barbados.

And you know that i'm more dangerous.

I'm coming for the come gonna huff and a puff and blow your house down.

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You've got to dig this one.

Tell them all to run.

When it's said and done

I'll be the champion

Moving strong and fast

The industry's forecast.

Just put me first and the rest of them last. (and the rest of them last)


And the rest of them last. (come on girl uh)

Hurricane it's the hurricane.(hurricane hurricane)

Blowing holes right through your brain. (straight through your brain)

Hurricane it's the hurricane.



So you better be warned.

Don't be fooled by the eye of the storm.

Cuz when you least expect

Imma creep right in

You best protect your nest

So whoever you are(are)

No matter near or far (far)

Just check your radar

And look out for rihanna.

You've got to dig this one.

Tell them all to run.

When it's said and done

I'll be the champion.

Warning warning! (this is a warning)

Warning warning! (rupee rihanna)

(coming straight out of barbados)



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