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"How It Was Supposed To Be" Video Review

''"How It Was Supposed To Be" is one of the most personal songs on my album and for my live performances, I arranged this guitar driven version to capture the angst and confusion that I was going through when I recorded it. The response was so crazy at my show in Chicago that we played the song twice in a row to an engaged, enthusiastic audience.

Based on this reaction, I decided to record this version and have Guillaume Doubet visually interpret it. Here is the gritty result with Brent Paschke on guitar, Eric Coomes on bass, and Brad Colton on drums.''

Sung, written, and produced entirely by Leslie, "How It Was Supposed To Be" should pick up heavy steam, just like the previous two tracks- unlike its predecessors, however, it may actually lead to the album's release.


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Ryan Leslie - How It Was Supposed To Be