How can music make money for you

Music can help you concentrate when you are going deep in a tournament. See a few songs to play poker by. How can music make money for you

Poker players and music seem to go hand in hand. Just take a look at any poker tournament and you will see lots of players with headphones listening to music. Most players that wear headphones say that listening to music helps them to focus by drowning out the noise from the tournament floor, while the music itself helps keep them pumped up. Of course online players often listen to music as well but they have the added benefit of not having to wear headphones.

Poker has long been a favourite topic for songwriters in almost every genre of music. While you will seldom get any tips on how to play the best hands in poker from a rock song, there are several that you should include in your playlist.

AC/DC - Money Talks

The Australian hard rock band has recorded several songs that fit nicely into a poker playlist, including Goodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luck, Sin City and The Jack. Money Talks helps reinforce that it is always better to raise than to call. The track also helps up your adrenaline level somewhat and all poker players know that aggression is far better than being passive at the poker table.

Clint Black – Good Run of Bad Luck

Sometimes you can’t catch a break at the table. Every poker player knows that no matter how skilled they are, the luck factor does play a part in the game. Clint Black’s tune captures the feeling of having bad beat after bad beat. The good part when it comes to poker is that there is always another day and another game, plus skill always triumphs over luck.

Aerosmith – Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild was one of the staples of kitchen table poker and a game that most players remember with a certain degree of fondness. Of course the fond memories are more likely to bubble to the surface after a player has seen nothing but unplayable baby cards for the past hour, and has forgotten all of the times at the kitchen table when the luck box kid from down the street caught a deuce to beat a pat hand. The Aerosmith track is also a decent power ballad to keep adrenaline levels up.

Iron Maiden – Aces High

Yes we know that Aces High is about fighter pilots and has absolutely nothing to do with poker. But there is no question that when we look down at pocket Aces we feel like Eddie on a holiday. Plus there are few bands better at helping us keep focused and aggressive at the poker table than Iron Maiden.

Don Williams – A Deck of Cards

Ok, this one really has no aggression inducing beats or rhythms. The song however is one of the oldest poker songs in existence. A Deck of Cards tells the story of a World War II soldier that gets brought up on charges for playing cards during a church service. The soldier explains the deck of cards with their specific sets of suites and numbers serves him as a Bible, almanac and prayer book and gives his superiors some examples. While the song is set in World War II, it is based on English writings from the 1700’s. And whilst not entirely accurate, the song illustrates not only the history of poker, but may explain how some players can look down at 8-3 off suit and see a winner.

Written on May 04 2014 by Arthur Jay , lead writer at KOvideo. Tags: ac dc


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