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Honey (I Miss You) by O.c. Smith

See the tree

How big it's grown

But friend it hasn't been too long, wasn't it

I laughed at her

And she got made,

The first day she planted it

Was just a twig

And then the first snow came

And she ran out to brush the snow away,

So it wouldn't die

Came running in all excited

Slipped and almost hurt herself

And I laughed till I cried

She was always young at heart

And kind of dumb, kind of smart

And I loved her so

I surprised her with a puppy

Kept me up all Christmas eve, two years ago

And it would sure embarrass her

When I came home from workin' late

Cause I would know

That she'd been sitting there and crying

Over some sad and silly late late show

And honey I miss you

Oh and I'm being good

And I'd love to be with you

If only I could

Oh she wrecked the car

And she was sad

And so afraid I'd be mad

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But what the heck

Though I pretended hard to be

Guess you could say she saw through me

And hugged my neck

I came home unexpectedly

And found her crying needlessly

In the middle of the day

And it was in the early spring

When flowers bloom and robins sing

She went away

One day while I wasn't home

While she was there and all alone

The angels came

Now all I have is memories of honey

And I wake up nights and call her name

Now my life's an empty stage

Where honey lived and honey played

And love grew up

A small cloud passes overhead

And cries down in the flowerbed

That honey loved

Oh honey I miss you

Miss you

And I'm being good

And I'd love to be with you

Honey I miss you

Miss you

I'm being good

And I'd love to be with you

If only I could

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